Information for students who live off-campus (excluding BOT)

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To create better and safer living environment for students who live off-campus, we offer some steps for you when you are finding a rental house. Please refer to the following steps.


National Taiwan University students living off-campus lease registration form survey


Step1: Beginning of the new semester, please fill in the form on NTU registration day, or you may do it online. (


And the following is a flow process chart of emergency



1 landlord’s name and contact number.

2 address of rented house. equipment.



We will give you a phone interview, and remind you a few matters about renting house.


At the same time, we will visit your landlord, know about the condition of your rental house, and wish you would have a good relation with your landlord.



If you have other problems about renting house, please refer to Student Housing Service Division, Office of Student affairs.


Contact :Miss Hung (02-33662264)


For more details, please go on this website:賃居關懷安全宣導/index.html (only Chinese version)


Campus emergency calls:


Military room 24-hour telephone :3366-9119


Police in 24-hour telephone :3366-9110


Health Center Ambulance (08:00 - 17:00): 3366 - 9595